Critical Thinking Analogies Part 1: What You Can Learn From Buying a Used Car

Just observe everything that Tracy Anderson does, and do the opposite.

The demand for reason and evidence tends to fluctuate dependent upon the topic. For instance, because of the ridiculous UFO craze back in the mid 1950’s, most in today’s age abide by Carl Sagan’s moniker when claims of extraterrestrial visitation are made: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” We (speaking generally, of course) don’t accept UFO claims […]

3 Simple Steps to Developing a Rational Mindset


You are often told to “be skeptical” and to “question everything”. This advice is casually tossed about by scientists, teachers, and in some cases, parents. But it is rarely accompanied by any sort of context or even so much as a definition of skepticism, or a description of the responsibility it entails. Because of this, […]