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Weight loss has become a confusing and overwhelming topic. Misinformation, misconceptions, lies, and marketing schemes cloud our vision, making it difficult to move forward. Fad diets offer a quick solution. They invoke emotion. They encourage a blind acceptance of unsubstantiated methods and ideals.

As a result, we are often thrown off track, distracted by shiny objects. We ignore what matters, which leads us to stray from the true process of weight loss.

This eBook outlines how to regain your focus. Instead of dwelling on how we wish things were, how we wish weight loss was easy or painless, we must focus on reality; the way things really are.

This eBook does not offer a sexy, comforting solution. It simply emphasizes what matters; the methods, mindsets, and approaches that lead to long-term success. Strip away the inessentials, bypass your desire for an easy and reassuring solution, and hone in on reality.

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