Training Variety: Deadlift Edition


In my last few posts, I’ve been emphasizing the deadlift, and how it can help you reach your goals. The deadlift is not a once size fits all type of exercise. Some people have leverages that make it tough for them to get into the proper position to deadlift with good technique. This opens the […]

The Vast Importance of Deadlifting


If you’re not deadlifting, you’re likely taking the wrong approach to training. There are very few things that I advocate to be in every single program; and the deadlift is one of them. The deadlift has received somewhat of a bad reputation among the general, non-weightlifting population; some consider it a dangerous exercise and many […]

The Shocking Truth About Core Training

core training

Gone are the days of endless crunches and sit-ups, Russian twists, and anything on an “Ab machine”. It’s interesting how the word “core” is becoming almost like a fad term; often used as a marketing technique to promote the latest and greatest exercise. Well guess what? Almost none of that shit you see on the […]