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1. Why Calories Count by Armi Legge

It seems to be a recurring theme in my collection of weekly knowledge bombs, and Armi drops another big one in his post titled Why Calories Count. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the title, as Armi does an outstanding job of delving into the existing research on the importance of calories when it comes to fat loss and muscle gains.

Probably my number one pet peeve in the world of nutrition is when people claim that calories have no merit in the world of weight loss.

I’ll restrain myself from going on a tangent here.

Read Armi’s post with an open mind. Even if you don’t agree with all of it, you’ll come away with some interesting tidbits of information.

2. Jay Scott’s Full Disclosure Fitness Interview with Leigh Peele

Leigh Peele is one of the most trustworthy individuals in the industry, in my opinion. She doesn’t buy into the hype and bullshit, she gets straight to the facts; and this interview is no different.

The conversation between these two is excellent, and they dive into controversial topics such as “metabolic damage”, food shaming, and other interesting subjects. Definitely check it out.

3. Some Thoughts on Dietary Beliefs and How They Affect Us by JC Deen

JC has a knack for getting his point across in a simple and effective manner, and he does so brilliantly in this post.

He goes over a recent email conversation he had with an individual who disagreed with one of his more controversial articles, and he also discusses why we become so attached to our beliefs, as well as how to check ourselves and see whether or not our beliefs are serving us in a positive or negative way.

4. The Best Life and Training Advice I Received From a Homeless Man by Rog Law

There’s not much I can say about this post except, “Wow”. If you’re looking for some motivation/inspiration/a bit of a kick in the pants, Rog delivers.

Check it out, you won’t be  disappointed.

Wrap Up

I hope you guys enjoyed this addition of Weekly Knowledge Bombs.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to drop them in the comment box. Also, if you read an awesome article this week, feel free to share it down below as well.

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