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Weekly Dose of Knowledge Bombs


Looks like it’s time for another addition of weekly knowledge bombs.

Damn, this week went by fast! Anyone plan on watching the UFC fights tomorrow night? Let me know in the comments, and hit me with your predictions.

Alright, back on topic. I’ve got an awesome collection of articles this week (as always), and these should keep you busy for a little while. Get your popcorn ready (low carb popcorn, of course ;) ). Kidding. Let’s get to it.

1. Zourdos Talks Nutrigenomics, Popular Myths, and More! by Jamie Hale

Andreas Zourdos seems to fly under the radar in the nutrition industry, but his information is top notch and he’s one of the few guys in the industry who keeps up with the research and bases his information on the scientific evidence rather than fallacious nonsense.

In this interview, Jamie Hale (another great mind in the field of nutrition) asks very interesting questions about nutrigenomics, the most common myths in the fitness industry, and how to separate good and bad advice.

2. Neck and Shoulder Pain, the Bane of the Computer Age by Amber Rogers

As someone who sits at the computer a lot (more than I should), this article definitely serves as an excellent reminder to get up and move rather than sitting hunched over for hours on end.

If you have pain from sitting too often, Amber’s article provides some great tips on how to relieve pain and prevent it in the first place.

3. Why Eating Less and Exercising More are the Best Ways to Lose Fat by Armi Legge

The problem with most fat loss approaches today is that they all focus on a singular solution and finding the magic bullet rather than looking at the big picture.

You can cut carbohydrates, do intermittent fasting, try Carb Backloading, go Paleo; but if you’re not focusing on the basics of creating a caloric deficit, your diet is destined for failure. Armi gets down to the roots of any successful fat loss program and explains all of the different factors that go into increasing your activity levels and maintaining a negative energy balance.

If you’re confused on where to get started on your fat loss journey, but sure to give this post a thorough read.

4. Bulletproof Athlete by Mike Robertson

Mike Robertson is one of the most brilliant minds in the industry, and he just recently came out with his latest product Bulletproof Athlete. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet, but judging by his previous products and the work that Mike puts out on a regular basis, this product is definitely going to be another winner.

Click here to check out Bulletproof Athlete <


Wrap Up

That’ll do it for this week’s knowledge bombs.

If you have any articles that you want to share, please drop them in the comment box below.

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Have a great weekend.

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